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Outsourcing data scraping software to Motomtech


Jan, 2018

Utah, United States

Wedax is a leading-edge data intelligence company that empowers businesses to keep growing in the most competitive markets, with their data extraction software. Wedax empowers decision-makers to solve their most challenging problems through fresh and accurate data.

Their corporate clients are experiencing an unprecedented increase in revenue that’s making them thrive, and their list of clients is only getting longer.


The Challenge


Creating the data extraction software

The founders of Wedax wanted us to build them this data extraction software that would have cutting-edge technology for data extraction, analytics, management, integration, and data intelligence for global brands and businesses. They wanted us to build them a software that could monitor numerous eCommerce marketplaces for both retailers and brands and provide visibility of who is selling the products and where.

Designing a great User Experience

The Wedax team also wanted us to design the User experience and the User interface for both the software, the online platform, and the website of the company. They required a simple-to-use user interface that wouldl resonate with their target audience, reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance, and through a consistent user experience, nurture a bond with their audience.

Marketing and Selling the product

Wedax needed our Product management and Sales teams to market and sell the product, manage it and also build a team to use it for their corporate clients who chose their managed services package. They wanted to reach a product-market fit and deliver new features that the customers asked for.

The Solutions

Fresh UI/UX designs

To successfully undertake such a major project, Motomtech’s developing and design teams started work right away. The design teams worked closely with Wedax’s stakeholders to create a product that not only would make them happy, but exceed their expectations.

Firstly, the UX/UI team designed a simple and sophisticated interface, paired with simple navigation, to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Agile SaaS development

On the other hand, Motomtech’s backend developers had already started working on building the software and implementing the newest data extraction technologies. The front-end developers then started working on the approved designs. For a project of this magnitude, Wedax hired all of our developing, design, content and marketing teams.

Effective Marketing strategy

Once Wedax was ready to be used, the marketing team took over the project and started by building an online presence, and creating advertising campaigns. Working closely with them were the product managers and content creators.

The need for Wedax was so great that the software accumulated a long list of company clients within the first weeks of being launched.

Building the Knowledge Base

Wedax is continuously updating and adding new features, so its partnership with Motomtech will be long and prosperous for both companies. Currently Motomtech is building Wedax’s knowledge base and adding new features to the system.

“Motomtech has been amazing. They’ve been able to meet the needs we had and implement them, letting us be more effective and provide better service to our clients. They let us give feedback and really cater to our individual needs.”

The Results

With Wedax providing data systematically and accurately, their clients are able to focus on new business strategies with confidence. Backed by our on-demand custom software development services, Wedax knows their systems are continually up and working smoothly.