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PurpoSolver - How to build your career on doing what you love


Jan, 2018

Utah, United States

PurpoSolver is a revolutionary tool that will enable its users to find rewarding work – work that rewards them financially and emotionally while inspiring and demanding the fullest and best of their human potential.

The company with headquarters in Utah wanted to not only create a tool that can help individuals identify what to apply themselves to but a platform where individuals could be assessed for what they are most passionate about and what they care about most.


The Challenge


Branding and Market Strategy

PurpoSolver seeks to revolutionize the career guide industry and this is no easy feat. To achieve this they needed a Marketing strategy that would bring awareness to the platform and its mission, and a strong recognizable brand.

Creating the AI Career Bot

PurpoSolver’s team wanted us to create the AI-backed Career bot for the platform. They wanted it based on a methodology that helps job seekers begin to unlearn what society has taught about finding good work, and identify the core work themes that they care about most, that are most personal to them, that are most likely to evoke energy and fulfillment as they work, based on their consistency, durability, and level of emotionality.

Designing and Building the Platform

The founders wanted Motomtech to build them the ultimate platform, complete with different communities based on a multitude of industries and job positions, and much more. They wanted a website that would showcase their values, and worldview, and a platform that would become a Career hub, for anyone who wanted to follow their passions.

The Solution

Inspiring UX/UI Designs

For a revolutionary platform such as PurpoSolver, it was extremely important to start work right away. Knowing how life-changing this product would be for millions of people, we knew we had to get it right and as fast as possible.

PurpoSolver’s executives held numerous meetings with our UI/UX teams in order to bring their ideas to life and create the best design for the platform. The end result was a wonderful and engaging design, that was simple to use and had an inspiring interface.

Bringing the AI to life

Work on the AI-backed Career bot also started immediately, as this was going to be the most challenging and hard part of the process. An entire team of our developers started developing the AI, whilst another team worked tirelessly to bring the platform and website to life.

Managing the Product development

Product managers, business analysts, and project managers all worked together to build the PurpoSolver platform and are still working as we speak in order to bring new features out, and update the software continuously. The marketing team, on the other hand is working on brand awareness campaigns and getting Purpose Finder’s message across.

“They’re an impressive agile company, which has been helpful for figuring out what we wanted. They do get the point of our view, understanding any idea we needed to implement. We are pleased with the work of Motomtech and plan to collaborate with them further.”

The Results

PurpoSolver is now already helping hundreds of people find their purpose and do meaningful work that fulfills them emotionally and financially. We are collaborating with them as they get bigger and more successful, and helping them reach their goals.