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Outsourcing Gym Software Development to Motomtech


Jan, 2018

Utah, United States

For over 40 years, Paramount Acceptance is a leading provider of software and billing solutions to the health and fitness industry. Providing the latest technology and efficient billing services, Paramount’s club management software, Pulse, offers a robust and flexible platform that gives its clients the power to manage all aspects of their business.

Pulse not only manages your front desk and point of sale, but also handles writing new memberships, scheduling your amenities, managing your leads, controls your tanning, coordinates online sales, handles all aspects of your personal training program, manages your playroom, handles corporate membership sales, offers full Human Resources and employee management tools, tracks your club’s maintenance and equipment issues, generates any kind of report you can think of, and so much more.


The Challenge


Upgrading the Software

Today, social media is not social at all. With its focus on dopamine loops to make you addicted to your screen and deter you from face-to-face contact, its effects are being felt worldwide, especially after the pandemic. The Bash founders believe that the best memories are made with family and friends in real life and so they came to us with their idea.

Increase in users’ requirements

As the application has scaled up, the requirements have increased as well, insisting on boosting the speed of web development. This was exactly the moment to start using the framework instead of writing the typical components & elements ourselves. Changes were needed to streamline and automate the process for users.

Thousands of lines of code

When we took over this project, the main challenge was to further develop and add new functionalities. At a certain point, our team realized that despite the JavaScript possibilities, we had to write too many lines of code that would be difficult to support in the long term.

The Solutions

Effective UI/UX Design

Our UX/UI design and developing teams immediately took charge of the project and got to work.
The new features were designed to align with the existing designs of the software but to simultaneously bring a fresh and modern feel to it.

Paramount wanted a simple, yet effective and self-explanatory design, in order to not spend time training and adding more workload to the people who would be using it, so that’s what we provided for them.

Expert Software Development

Once the designs were ready and approved by Paramount, our developing teams started work on bringing the designs to life. From frontend to backend, Motomtech’s developers nailed down all the required features and changes, exceeding expectations.

“We feel like Motomteh is a member of our team alongside us. They care about our needs and make every effort to bring our ideas and improvements to life. We are very happy with the services they have provided for us and very glad we chose to partner with them.”

The Results

Paramount Acceptance continues to lead the charge in the fitness industry and is now being used by a multitude of gyms, big and small, providing them with software and billing services. The company keeps growing, and so does our continuous partnership with them.