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Offshore real estate software development by Motomtech


Jan, 2018

Utah, United States

Naxxa is a new real estate company located in Utah, that specializes in selling and renting properties. Its services are mainly focused on helping people who want to sell, buy or rent different properties and they aim to make these processes as simple and rewarding as possible.


The Challenge


Building the online presence

Since Naxxa is a new company, it did not have a big online presence. Logically, the first step was to create a website. The website would make it possible for Naxxa to showcase their philosophy and inform potential clients of the full range of the company’s services.

Displaying the properties

Given the large amount of properties that Naxxa manages, it was very important to find a way to showcase them and insert filters so that the users had a good experience in the website and found their dream properties.

The need for a website application

Naxxa needed to exchange information and conclude transactions with their target customers. Their website would be an inexpensive channel for that purpose, providing that there is a way to capture and store all the necessary data and show results to users. With a website application of this scale, Naxxa could reach more potential clients than before, giving the company a great opportunity for growth.

The Solutions

Simple navigation and UX

Good navigation is one of the most important features of a website, so the main goal for us was to make the navigation of the website as simple as possible. As a result, the first task was creating a website application that was easy to understand and could be navigated by customers effortlessly. This navigation system enabled visitors to find content by searching and browsing and it improved the chances of visitors browsing Naxxa’s site longer.

Creating the search engine

We started creating an advanced search engine for the website application. This application is a crucial part of the company’s online presence. Thanks to it, prospective customers can go through the numerous property listings and find what they are looking for or create an idea of what properties the company offers.

The engine helps customers filter all the information about the properties, based on an address, a city, a neighborhood, etc. It simplifies the whole process for the user, making them feel comfortable and allowing them to focus on choosing the right property. It also provides the key features, benefits, and main amenities of the property, so that users can make sane decisions.

Designing the website

The designs were also created with this philosophy in mind. Naxxa wanted their dedication and expertise to show throughout the website and in the copy. So we stayed true to their values, by making a simple yet dedicated statement, while the design is fun, eye-catching, yet not overwhelming to the user.

Our developing teams worked tirelessly to build the web app and get it running as soon as possible, for the hundreds of clients who were waiting patiently to use the app.

“I went through many interviews to find the programming company I felt comfortable with. Motomtech has been amazing and has been able to meet our needs as a company. Things run so much more smoothly than they ran before.”

The Results

Naxxa has started marketing its web app heavily and they are already reaping the benefits. Clients love the easy navigation and the interface of the website. Our developers are currently still working with Naxxa, to perfect the app and add a new Google Maps feature that will allow users to pin a location and find what properties are available at that spot.