Custom Development

Get a performance boost across the organization by building web-based apps, learning, and process management systems. There is no “one size fits all” method when we create custom web applications. Custom development invites high adaptability to the requirements of the customers.

A specially tailored product is always preferred and matches what the market needs. It is possible to create a bespoke app for external users (e-commerce, gaming, or educational purposes), but internal users are the main focus (customer management, production monitoring, time tracking).

Let's Talk


One of the most important processes of creating a customized app is brainstorming with our clients on ideas that can lead to something great. We will develop numerous meetings to better understand where are you coming from, and what you want to achieve and offer our guidance as well.

Having a great idea means first understanding what the market needs and resorting to the perfect business strategy. This step is important because having a great idea in the first place will save us a lot of time and money.



Now it is time to create the perfect prototype. The first taste of our customized product will strictly have the core functionalities and the well-tailored features that were specifically laid down in the first step.

We will do a deep dive into the future users, their roles, how they will use this application, and how we can make it even more innovative and helpful. Motomtech’s development team will make sure to offer a new experience in using our customized application thanks to our expertise and elaborate market research.



Our experienced programmers now come in handy as they take our pencil and paper concept and turn it into something tangible. They will decide on the right programming languages, frameworks, and databases always keeping in mind the special requirement this customized application needs.

The MVP created will serve as a stepping stone for further development. We develop several meetings to make sure the development team stays on track timewise avoiding backlogs and being in control.



A thorough quality assurance (QA) and review are essential parts of the development process, and we never cut corners on this important step. Our team will test the web app on a variety of devices, browsers, and in different situations so that you can be confident that your custom app will perform its job flawlessly. Once all the details are finalized, and you are satisfied with the software we can finally launch it.

With our progressive business strategy and marketing, we will reach a large audience as we make sure our product remains fresh and provides continuity of efficient app functionality.