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Salesforce services outsourcing to Motomtech

Clean Clinic

Jan, 2018

Utah, United States

Clean Clinic is a healthcare company that offers Medical Detox and long-term addiction management comfortably and safely from your home. They work with different vendors and clinics to help as many people as they can to reach and maintain sobriety without the costs of an inpatient or residential detox program.

The company wanted to provide a higher quality of service to the system users, optimize costs, and change how they tracked their leads, clients, and partnerships. They also wanted a database, so Salesforce was the optimal solution to their needs.


The Challenge


Customer Relationships

Clean Clinic lacked a CRM system to maintain customer information. Because sales representatives had trouble monitoring and obtaining consumer data , each sales cycle took longer than necessary. The manual processes were inefficient and time-consuming , and too much time was spent on administration rather than convincing dentists to participate.


Executives and board members had little access to the sales funnel and were skeptical of the data. As a result, it was hard for executives to plan for the future of the business without reliable forecasting. Additionally, the recruitment team lacked insight into the sales pipeline, which was crucial to future success.

Tracking and Reporting

There was no uniform system for salespeople to monitor leads and opportunities. Leads were managed by email and spreadsheets, and each representative had their own procedure. Not only did Clean Clinic’s sales process take longer, but it also made onboarding new sales agents harder. Moreover, Clean Clinic could not generate the reports needed to succeed without a CRM.

The Solutions

Sales Consulting

Motomtech collaborated with Clean Clinic to fully grasp its sales process and optimal workflow. We then used Sales Cloud to create a more uniform sales process. Finally, we implemented a two-way integration between Sales Cloud and Clean Clinic’s back-end system, containing all prospecting data.

Sales Cloud

Motomtech customized Sales Cloud with checkpoints that enable Sales Reps to report on leads and opportunities as part of the sales process. For example, an “Opportunity” object was used to follow new leads and interested prospects, while agents used the Salesforce Calendar to log their meetings with existing and potential customers.

“I’ve worked with various consulting firms over the years, and Motomtech has been one of the best and easiest partners to work with. They’ve been good, flexible, communicative, and most of all very professional and time efficient.”

<p>The Results</p>

Sales reps may close more sales and finish transactions in less time by developing straightforward procedures that complement Clean Clinic’s sales process. Furthermore, the consistent methodology makes onboarding new sales agents more efficient.

Customer data may be obtained, used, and reported at all organizational levels, resulting in improved customer service, shorter sales cycles, and more straightforward reporting. In addition, Clean Clinic can now forecast its revenue effectively, using the power of Salesforce to help drive the business forward.