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Backend Development Services - Motomtech

Back end Development

Our software architects design solid back-end to accommodate scale, flexibility to integrate, advanced data structures, and cutting-edge security. Back-end development is known as the server-side-development as it regulates everything happening behind the scenes.

Our back-end developers are the wizards that will understand the goals for your application and come up with effective solutions.

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Understanding the business concept, technical specifications, and operational procedures underlying the software that you intend to create or upgrade with a new back end is crucial for effectively defining the back-end.

For that, the business consultants and software architects will talk about the type of software, the number of current and future users, the integrations, and the possibilities for on-premises or cloud hosting. They create the essential functional and non-functional needs, risks, and restrictions for the future back end by drawing on the knowledge they have learned.



Once the requirements are collected, it is time to create a prototype. Our prototype will manifest the basic idea of the future application, the idea of what is going to look like and how will it work.

We will ask for your evaluation and after your given feedback we will make sure the end product is on the right track.



Now it is time for the most important part; the development of the product. It is time to choose the right programming language for implementation.

In particular, our back endback-end developers will focus on delivering server-side software code, setting up databases, managing the project at the application level, and resolving code bugs.



Our agile development process guarantees prompt delivery to clients, greater product quality, and a decrease in overall risks. We will make sure the product has exceeded the client’s expectations has a scalable architecture and is now an ambitious and innovative addition to the technology world.

Motomtech’s team will provide post-operation support so that the application never experiences issues, runs slowly, or crashes frequently. They will optimize the code, and databases, be available to fix bugs that may occur, or be able to implement new features that can later be required and necessary for the success of the application. We aim for consistent, unproblematic performance.


Back-end development tech stack

The backend, which is also called a server-side, remains invisible and not accessible to users. It provides a ‘backbone’ of the application.

The most common components of the backend are programming languages, such as Ruby and Python; libraries and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Django; JavaScript and Node.js.

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