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Agreed Saas Software for Innovation Management - Motomtech Partner


Jan, 2018

Utah, United States

Also known as the people’s improvement platform, Agreed’s mission is to help corporations succeed and invest in ideas that come from within. The platform is already boasting a multitude of clients, all excited to be part of the future Agreed promises.


The Challenge


Inneficient Development

Slow development was halting Agreed’s growth and client requests. Existing features were taking a long time to update, so they needed efficient and expert support that was guaranteed to meet deadlines on a set budget.

Complicated Design and Navigation

The website needed restructuring, the navigation in the platform needed to be simplified and most importantly the platform’s design needed to be fundamentally changed into a more modern look and feel.

Necessary New Features

As clients started using the platform and the concept expanded, the need arose for business analysts, product and project managers that would see through the creation and addition of new features into the platform.

The Solutions

Focusing on the User Experience

Motomtech’s developing and design teams rose to the challenges and immediately started working on the platform.

Logically the first step was to restructure and apply the new designs to the platform. Our UX/UI masters started designing the new look of the platform and website right away. The User Experience became the main focus of the redesign, which improved how useful, easy, and marketable the software was. After many meetings with the clients and working tirelessly, the designs were finally ready to be implemented.

Bespoke Web Application Development

On the other hand, our frontend and backend developers had already started working on the platform, restructuring it and making navigation easier for the users.

Once the new designs came in, they started working on them right away. They built AGREED as a cloud-native web app that can efficiently adapt to surges in demand, thus avoiding high latency and long loading times.

Adding New Features

By the end of the quarter, Agreed had a new look, an amazing interface, and more clients who were eager to use the platform. Customisations have been re-developed during these upgrades and the security has increased. We are continuously working on the platform by adding new features, user testing, and helping new users onboard.

“We have high standards and Motomtech exceeded our expectations in every way. I thought we’d have a lot more back-and-forth, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised. I would recommend them without any reservation.”

The Results

Our ongoing support has allowed Agreed.io to hit deadlines set by their customers and create new features in their system faster. These steps, and many others, have empowered Agreed to deliver the platform that helps their customers streamline their own processes and increase revenues.